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Music Publishing News Weekly Roundup: September 7, 2012


DA Wallach
Spotify artist-in-residence DA Wallach (left) with Sean Parker and Daniel Ek.

Spotify’s artist-in-residence DA Wallach spoke this week with Mike King of BerkleeMusic to explain how artists are getting paid from the burgeoning music service.

A government report in South Africa claims that only 14% of the country’s mobile services have licenses for the music they offer. The commission tasked with investigating these purported breaches recommends that royalty collection societies get their lawyers ready.

Journey frontman Steve Perry don’t stop believing in his publishing rights. The ’80s hit-writer signed an exclusive publishing admin deal for the world (ex-US) with Universal Music Publishing Group.

Legendary songwriter and ASCAP member Hal David has died at 91. David was famed for hits written with Burt Bacharach for Dionne Warwick and classics like What’s New, Pussycat?

Disney Music Group has announced Mio Vukovic as Head of Creative. Vukovic – previously A&R for Hollywood Records (Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus) – will oversee the creative direction of Disney’s recorded music and publishing businesses.

London-based Cutting Edge Group is renewing its deal with movie production company Exclusive Media. The agreement sees Cutting Edge acquire music publishing rights and provide music service for Exclusive’s films.

Christian songwriter James Tealy has re-upped his publishing agreement with Centricity Music Publishing.

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One thought on “Music Publishing News Weekly Roundup: September 7, 2012

  1. Spotify does NOT pay the artists. writers copyright holders (there are FIVE kinds of copyrights for each song you write) the way they are legally supposed to!  10.5% RIGHT OFF THE TOP to these creators whose songs are being heard daily!  NO___they get out of their legal obligation by pretending they cannot FIND the writer/artist; they compose a letter to that effect which is posted publicly and THEN, they PAY YOUR MONEY DIRECTLY to the Record Companies and if you are with a PRS, the ASCAP AND BMI, etc. take their percentage off the top and eventually, after all the Music Companies are done taking their money from the TOP, you might wind up with $4.31 for over a million airplays in Spotify’s accounting period which is ofcourse, MUCH later in time, than you would have been paid, if SPOTIFY wasn’t making creative deals with the Labels, Publishers, who knows—they all get fees for doing NOtHING with your money except to TAKE it away from the creators in some dirty, illegal and completely with an arrogance of “doesn’t this all belong to us”, first?  Entitlement and entitlement…..At some point, enough BIG writers/artists will realize the pennies they are seeing from this streaming sickness and demand justice—which means suing in court…That takes the rest of the middle class writer (who is already struggling against piracy, no black-box money, consistent auditing, fees disappearing, p[ieces of their publishing being taken from them, publishers lying about how much they are really owed–into a land they cannot afford to step foot in.  But call me crazy or foolishly optimistic or maybe worse—I know that at some point, someone is going to sue ALL of these less than honorable people (perhaps Google will have a Support The Artists Party!) and bring the US government to Court for not Protecting any artists Bill of Rights Amendment guaranteeing all US citizens the “right to pursue an income from the job of their CHOICE WITHOUT ANY INTERFERENCE FROM ANY PERSON, PLACE, INSTITUTION, COMPANY, ETC.  Well, hello?? Is anyone in the Supreme Court still alive and kicking and interested in saving America from the incredible disgrace of discrimination against it creative ommunity who are dying by the profession!  Put tht on one of Google’s PIracy Sites as an AD!  They will collect a fortune!

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