Product Manager

Songtrust helps songwriters and music publishing businesses collect more royalties. Started in 2010, Songtrust was named a Top Music Startup by Billboard magazine and represents over 125k songwriters.

Existing systems of royalty collection around the world are antiquated and inefficient. Songtrust is finally bringing real engineering talent and ingenuity to a part of the music industry that has been notoriously slow in adapting to innovation. Our software platform enables creators at all levels to recover their royalties directly from over 90 countries and from more than 20,000 unique income sources worldwide.


Songtrust is looking for an experienced Product Manager with experience understanding hypercomplex backends and frontend interfaces that handle lots of data elegantly. This is someone who lives for making work happen in incredibly simple ways by creating tools for the average user and power user alike.

What you will do for our team:

  • As you work with other Product Managers here, you will bridge and advocate on behalf of clients and internal users alike.
  • You’ll manage a number of mission-critical sides of our product, defining KPI’s around speed, affordance, usability and more.
  • Constantly focus on shipping new and improved product that addresses complex client needs.


  • 2-3+ years of Product Management experience (ideally on an Agile Scrum team or a waterfall team with multiple shipped projects)
  • You have advanced technical knowledge of how a SaaS product runs from both a B2C and B2B side
  • Experience working with UI/UX/product designers and business stakeholders.
  • Deep appreciation for complex business logic and analysis skills
  • Fantastic documentation and diagramming skills.
  • You have experience with conducting user research stories and aren’t afraid to talk to clients about their needs
  • You are able to manage multiple projects at the same time while maintaining the same level of deliverability
  • You empathize with users and their needs but know what is an appropriate request for the business to prioritize at large.

Bonus Points:

  • Experience with ETL, operational datastores, and data warehouses
  • Experience architecting, document, deploying and maintaining API’s driven systems.
  • Experience working with Music Data, financial systems, middleware, blockchain, accounting, infrastructure or other complex mission-critical systems.
  • Basic knowledge of programming languages and coding practices
    • For example: Our PMs will need to have the ability to take feature spec from initial code and then hand off to Engineering to implement

To apply for this position, please send your resume and cover letter to Please include a song you’ve been listening to in the body.


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