Python / Django Intern

About Us: Songtrust empowers songwriters. We are the first company trying to disrupt the $6 Billion music publishing industry. Songtrust is well-funded, has a growing team, and we even have paying customers. Songtrust was spun out of Downtown Music, which creates innovative music-related services and tools. Our roster of properties includes, Downtown Records, Downtown Music Publishing,, and more.

You will learn:

  • How to write maintainable code, working in a professional software engineering environment (with source control, test driven development, dev/stage/prod release cycle, continuous deployment)

Some experience with Python, and html/css.

  • Some MVC(Model View Controller) experience
  • Experience with traditional RDBMS databases (we use PostgreSQL but any experience with SQL is fine)
  • Strong communication, organization and project management skills

Major pluses:

  • Knowledge of Django
  • Experience using git or another source control system
  • Linux/terminal experience
  • Contributor to open source projects (send us your github)
  • Love of music or better yet, you’re in a band


  • Amazing loft offices on Broadway in Soho, NYC

This internship requires college credit.
Please send an email to with a link to your github, a resume, a web presence and/or a link to some of your projects.

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18 thoughts on “Python / Django Intern

    1. Hi Yuanjun. Our offices are located in NYC.

  1. Some of PMstudy’s successful PMP students

  2. Is this position still available to apply for?

    1. Hi Marc. The position has been filled for the current semester, but feel free to submit your resume for future opportunities. Best, Julia

  3. Is this available as remote job?

    1. Hi there. This internship position is based in our offices in NYC!

  4. Has this position been filled for Summer 2017?

    1. We are still accepting applicants!

      1. Can people who graduated from university can apply for this internship?

        1. We do require our interns to receive college credit.

  5. I applied not too long ago, is this position already filled for summer of 2017?

  6. Hi are you still accepting applications for this intern positions as it closely matches my resume and current i am working on , as i have expertise in Django models and i am using mvc design patterns for our website .

    Please , let me know if they are any positions


    1. Hi there. I believe we’re now considering applications for the Fall. Feel free to send your resume to

  7. We do require our interns to receive college credit??.

    i dont get your point
    but i send a resume to this email mentioned here

    1. If you have graduated from college and therefore can not receive college credit for the internship, then you are unfortunately ineligible for the position.

  8. Hello Julia ,

    I have applied for an intern position (Django) and i haven’t still heard back from the team. I just wanted to follow up on my application. It would be really great if i can get a response


  9. Hi! I’m seeking fall-internship/full-time job opportunities. Are you still accepting applications these positions?

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