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5 Ways To Write The Perfect Love Song


5 Ways To Write The Perfect Love Song

There are many reasons to write a love song…

  • You may be newly in love and want to tell that special someone how you feel for the first time.
  • Maybe you have been in love for quite some time and haven’t said it recently enough.
  • Or maybe you are just fascinated by the concept of love and want to explore what makes it so unique.

Whatever your reasons are, a well written love song is one that can have a timeless effect on your listeners and is something that most, if not all of the greatest songwriters of all time have tried to achieve.

On that note, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and there is no better time to try your hand and writing that perfect love song. The following are 5 ways to help achieve such a song:

1) Show your passion

Love is a very powerful thing and it can bring out a passionate side of you that would otherwise remain dormant in your everyday life. The best way to create an effective love song is to simply let your passion shine through.

2) The complexity of the music and message should match

The focus of love songs is the message, not the composition. While you obviously don’t want the music to be boring, you also want to make sure that the finished product puts the message of your love in the clear spotlight.

The idea here is to make sure that the complexity of the music should match that of the lyrics and the message. If your love is a simple thing, try and make the music simple as well, using something like an acoustic guitar or just a piano. If your love is over the top, you may want to include strings or an arrangement of music that complements just how complex your love truly is.

3) Make it personal

Everyone’s definition of love is different, and you can’t appeal to everyone. The best way to make your own love song a success, is to make it as personal to your own experiences with love as possible, and let those who feel the same discover and connect with it.

4) Avoid cliches when possible

The idea behind a good love song is to genuinely and honestly portray how you feel about love. Using lyrics like ‘love is in the air’ or ‘love is blind’ will do the opposite of that, making your song feel contrived rather than honest. It is best to attempt to avoid using these types of cliches whenever possible so as to keep your song as genuine as possible.

5) The hook is a must

Think of your song as an essay on love. Any essay should have a thesis that sums up the entire purpose of the song (in this case how you feel about love) in a single statement. You should have a thesis for your song and this statement should be the focal point (the hook) since it is the most direct and easily digestible statement within.

If you’ve tried your hand at writing the perfect love song, we’d love to hear about your experiences in the form of a comment below, so that we all can learn from what worked (or what didn’t work) for future attempts.

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25 thoughts on “5 Ways To Write The Perfect Love Song

  1. Great guidelines Jon! It’s been awhile since I attempted one of these.

    1. Thanks Brian! It’s not the easiest thing to pull off – things can get very corny very quickly haha. Hopefully these ideas will help keep things on the right track.

    2. i cant want to do this again its been years

  2. I try these kinds of writing practices a lot… write a love song without ever mentioning the word “love” in the song. Fun stuff..!

    1. Great idea! It is actually amazing how much more genuine your true feelings may come out through the song by describing your love rather than just saying it out-right.

    2. That is such a great idea! Would be great practice and could possibly become a great song…

      1. Practice does make perfect!

  3. Writing from personal experience and telling my own story of what I’m going thru good or bad with love has always been helpful to me as well as therapeutic to get it off my chest. I also agree with using the hook as a thesis to tie it altogether with the verses. Great post!

  4. I have not met my girlfreind amanda for a month and i miss her cute laugh, her face,personality,and her humor plz sent me a message on facebook my name is ,still plays minecraft,

  5. Great tips, Jon!

    I especially agree with this one: ” If your love is a simple thing, try and make the music simple as well.”Too many times I’ve heard fellow songwriters try to make things too complicated. However, any songwriter would know that writing a “simple” song isn’t so easy. Do you know who was it that said, “Easy reading is damn hard writing”?These are good guidelines, but unfortunately I’m on a “love song” diet LOL! I’m trying to write songs on other topics to explore.Cheers,Endy

  6. My BF asked me to write him a love song and I have no expeience. Would someone please help me?

  7. hi i want to make a song about one sided love but :3 i feel its so hard :3

    1. I’d say listen to Bruno Mars’ song “Grenade” and pay attention to how he describes his feelings, and the structure he uses.

  8. Good work its so easy to write a love

  9. I’m looking for a partner (songwriter) So I’ve 29 songs on board?

    1. Where are you from? Could get something working possibly.

  10. I need some help in am trying to write a song for wife for valentine’s day.

  11. Thanks for the device I’m going to start now writing good songs

  12. I write a lot. Mostly stories. I occasionally write songs. I went to school for Vocal Performance in college and want to start playing more than just covers in bars. If anyone could help me I would like to write a love song for my fiance since we are getting married October 2018.

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  14. How do I write a good song

  15. Write a good start

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    1. Hi there, we have a Music Publishing Crash Course that you can sign up for. You’ll find the signup form on our blog or our site’s homepage:

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