Building Team Songtrust

When I was given the task of helping scale Songtrust from a small team into the team it is today and what it will be in the near future, I knew I was living a recruiter’s dream. Songtrust is a unique company that is on a mission to disrupt and modernize an industry that has been operating within an antiquated model.   

At the core of our hiring practice, we wanted to increase and diversify our talent pool with experts from not only within the music industry but the larger tech community as well, such as finance and advertising. Each new team member we bring on has the ability to start from new and take their existing knowledge and apply it to our team. Industry “outsiders” are not subject to the same set of handed-down industry standard, and thus are able to ask questions and solve problems that industry veterans might have overlooked. Fresh eyes that have accomplished challenges in different settings provide our team the advantage to solve multifaceted problems that have plagued the music industry for quite some time. Overall, as a team, we celebrate our unique individual differences and acknowledge that it only makes us stronger.

We have seen tremendous growth over the past 6 months, including the establishment and expansion of our sales, marketing, and business development teams.  We are only at the beginning of our growth and we have so much more to do. To become part of our team, check out our career page and apply. If you do not see a position on our team that matches what you are looking for, but would still like to explore a role at Songtrust, feel free to contact me at

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