Feature Client: Bo Benton

Jon Ostrow on Mar 6, 2012


Bo Benton is a Chicago-born singer/songwriter based out of Los Angeles, CA. Benton is also the founder of her own indie record label, Goldstarr Entertainment.

How did you get started in the music industry?

I got my official start in the music industry at 21 when my vocal coach Gloria Rauch asked if I'd be interested in going to Tokyo to tour with a cover band called Acid Base Incorporated. Of course I jumped on the opportunity and never looked back. But music is in my blood and I feel it has always been my calling.

I have several musicians in my family, some have had successful careers as musicians while others have played or sung in church. My father is an accomplished studio musician, my mother is an accomplished pianist, and my grandmother Helen Penn-Simeon was one of the first celebrated Afro-American Sopranos.

What has been the proudest moment in your career?

My proudest moment was signing my distribution deal with Bungalow/Universal. But I've had several proud moments in my career as an indie artist, like the first time I heard my single I Know You Want It produced by Lil Ronnie Jackson (Usher, Brittney Spears, R. Kelly) on a Top 40 radio station and saw the accompanying video on nationwide television.

Another proud moment for me was when my super low budget music video Bounce beat out Jay Z for top spot on page one of YouTube with 500,000 hits in two days.

What inspires you as a songwriter?

As a songwriter I'm most inspired by my personal life experiences and the observance of what other people may feel or be going through. I enjoy observing, and in my own way, documenting the many facets of the human psyche and the relationship dynamics of everyday life. Love, desire, pain, loss, joy, loneliness, hope, triumph....these qualities constantly influence and inspire my work as a songwriter, singer, and entertainer.

You belong to ASCAP - why did you choose them?

I chose ASCAP because I was invited by a friend who is a member of ASCAP to their 'I Create Music Expo' held annually in LA. While there, I listened in on some very informative panels about writing and production in the music industry. I also spoke with several individuals that took the time to help me see I could truly make a career out of my music and that ASCAP would help protect my intellectual property and collect my royalties as I did so.

What's coming up for you?

I'm currently in the studio working on my sophomore album with a team of driven musical innovators creating, what I feel to be, exciting and original material. I'm looking forward to finishing this project and getting it out to the world. Also on March 5, I'm shooting a music video with director Christian Stricktland for my single Intimidated in Hollywood, CA that will premier on MTV2 in May.

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