Feature Client: Joe Tran

Ryan Brodhead on Jun 6, 2011


Joe Tran

Joe Tran is a musician, producer, sound engineer, artist manager and Marketing Director for BrookTown Records - Joe is seemingly involved in nearly every aspect of the music industry.

Born in the Phillipines and raised in Hawaii, he has learned to appreciate the universal messages hidden behind the power of music and melody.  Having learned how to master and grasp the concept, he has been producing and writing lyrics after lyrics of catchy but meaningful songs.  Joe has been able to successfully translate these ideas into various music projects and endeavors, and has become one of San Diego's hottest multi-genre and multi-instrument independent artists and producers. For the past decade he has performed over a few hundred shows from coffee shops to large stage venues.


For more information on Joe Tran, please check out some of these sites:

MySpace // ReverbNation // Facebook // Twitter // YouTube

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