Music Publishing 101: Webinar Recap

This week we held another webinar - Music Publishing 101 - to dive into the major themes of music publishing that may still be a bit confusing to songwriters and creators. Hosted by Songtrust's own Julia Pernicone, Publishing Operations Manager, CJ Olivieri, Client Acquisition Manager, and Kyle Thiede, Associate Director of Publishing Operations, we covered topics from publishing deals to understanding PROs, copyrights and royalties. The turnout was tremendous and those that attended asked a lot of excellent questions.

We're including a few of the questions asked during our Q&A and our answers below. You can watch the entire webinar and download extended slides by clicking on the button below. Keep an eye out for our next webinar!

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How much does it cost to register with Songtrust?

It is a one-time registration fee of $100 when you sign up with Songtrust. This gives you full access to the Songtrust platform and allows you to register an unlimited amount of songs.

Can you register my setlists for live performance royalties?

For performances in the US, you should submit your setlists directly to your PRO. For performances outside of the US, Songtrust can do so for you.

How often does Songtrust pay out to writers?

We pay out quarterly, meaning you’ll get royalty reports four times a year. We are working hard to make sure you see your royalties as soon as they come in and pay out more often than most performing rights organizations or competitors. We typically see a 6-12 month period before writers receive their first royalty statement from us, as societies get the songs and agreement with Songtrust properly set up in their system. After that, as long as your songs are earning royalties, you’ll be paid quarterly.

What steps should I take to be a collecting songwriter?

Make sure your music is distributed - the more your song is out there and playing, the more royalties you collect. Affiliate with a Performing Rights Organization (PRO) to collect your performance royalties, or sign up with Songtrust and we’ll help get you registered for you. Make sure you have publishing - without publishing you could be leaving money on the table and missing out on some serious royalty revenue. Then just make sure to continue the work by marketing your song and pitching it for sync opportunities or setting up gigs to perform your songs

What metadata should I provide on a song to most accurately/efficiently collect my royalties?

Title, Composers and Composer IPI #’s, accurate split ownership percentages, and ISRCs for every recorded version of the song!

If I’m not registered with a PRO can I still sign up for Songtrust?

Absolutely! We can help affiliate you with the PRO in your territory and, in some cases, save you money on the registration fee associated with that PRO.

Does Songtrust find retroactive royalties?

Societies typically hold onto unclaimed royalties for about 2-3 years before distributing those royalties to their members. Songtrust can collect royalties that have accrued within that time limit.

What is Songtrust's value over other companies in the publishing space?

Songtrust’s deal is simple and flexible. We take no ownership in your copyright, have a short term of 1-year, and register your works worldwide. Our direct affiliations with societies all over the world allow us to collect as directly as possible from the territories in which your songs are generating royalties, and our technology allows us to register songs and collect royalties quickly and efficiently.

Does Songtrust collect both performance and mechanical royalties?

Songtrust registers works with PROs and mechanical collection societies all over the world in order to collect both performance and mechanical royalties. We maintain direct relationships with over 40 performance, mechanical, and digital societies globally - the most extensive, accessible publishing networks in the industry.

To make sure you're collecting all your performance and mechanical royalties worldwide, register for Songtrust today!

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