Top 5: Music Publishing Panels at SXSW 2012

Jon Ostrow on Mar 7, 2012


SXSW is the mega-event of the year for the music industry. Every year, tens of thousands of musicians, bands, fans, industry professionals and hopeful start-ups descend on Austin, TX to network, promote and learn.

With this year's SXSW starting this weekend, we thought now would be the perfect time to help you filter through the hundreds of panels that will take place over the course of a few days by showcasing 5 Must See Panels on music publishing and songwriting:

1) The Ins and Outs of Music Publishing

Time: Friday, March 16th 11:00am - 12:00pm

Presenters: Jeffery Barbec (SVP Business Affairs, BMG Chrysalis), Todd Barbec (Author, "Music, Money & Success"), Ralph Murphy (VP, ASCAP), Greg Sowders (Sr VP, US Warner/ Chappell Music Inc)

Description: A deep dive into the world of publishing, exploring what publishing, co-publishing, sub-publishing, administration, participation, development, joint venture deals and concepts mean to the modern music industry.

Get more info on this panel here.

2) The Many Faces of Songwriting

Time: Wednesday, March 14th 5:00pm - 6:00pm

Presenters: Justin Kalifowitz (Pres, Downtown Music / Songtrust), Gabe McDonough (Music Dir, Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide), Evan Lipschutz (VP A&R, Mercury Records), Season Kent (Music Supervisor, Clearsongs), Erik Eger (Producer Mgr, Erik Eger Entertainment)

Description: Today, there are fewer major label releases selling far less than ever before, yet, many would argue that it's never been a better time to be a songwriter. From jingle-writing, to scoring films, writing television themes and collaborating with artists around the world, the opportunities are endless. This panel, moderated by Songtrust's Justin Kalifowitz will discuss the various ways songwriters are thriving in the new music economy.

Get more info on this panel here.

3) A Beginner's Guide to Music Publishing

Time: Wednesday, March 14th 5:00pm - 6:00pm

Presenters: Marc Emert-Hutner (Sr Director of Membership, ASCAP), Jeremy Yohai (Downtown Music Publishing / Songtrust), Jake Ottmann (VP of A&R, EMI Music Publishing), David Hoffman (Dir Creative Svcs, Shapiro Bernstein Music Publishing)

Description: This panel will explore all of the basic concepts of music publishing that any independent artists need to know about.

Get more info on this panel here.

4) The Basics of Music Publishing Income Streams

Time: Wednesday, March 14th 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Presenters: Andrew Krents (Attorney, Motta & Krents LLP), RICO Brooks (Partner, 9196MGMT), John Ashline (Dir Operations & The Orchard Studio, The Orchard), Travis McFetridge (CEO & PresGreat, South Bay Music Group Inc), Jessica Weiner (Business Affairs, Ultra International Music Publishing)

Description: This panel will give an in depth look at the three main income streams music publishing generates: mechanical royalties, synchronization income and performance rights income - and how those streams are negotiated, handled and collected for the artists.

Get more info on this panel here.

5) Beyond Sync: Turning Placements Into Partnerships

Time: Wednesday, March 14th 3:30pm - 4:30pm

Presenters: Eric Shaw (VP, Music Resources, EMI Music Publishing), Marianne Goode (VP Music, All Music Media Group), Leah Streetman (VP Strategic Alliances, Film/TVUniversal/Motown/Republic), Chad Jensen (Mgr, The Fitzgerald-Hartley Co), Sharon Nortman (Platinum Rye Entertainment)

Description: Licensing a song to an ad, film or TV show could be one of the most lucrative opportunities an artist will experience in their career. The fees can be substantial, and there is always that elusive promise of promotion that can follow a well placed sync. But aside from just securing the initial placement (not an easy task), what else is there? How can you turn a good opportunity into a truly great one? This panel will answer these questions and help songwriters to develop stronger sync opportunities.

Get more info on this panel here.

Which panels are you attending at SXSW 2012?

Though these 5 panels are absolutely a must-see for every songwriter attending SXSW. You may have other panels you have already selected as important on your own. Let us know what they are in the form of a comment below!

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