Music Publishing News Weekly Roundup: October 3rd, 2014

Songtrust Staff
Songtrust Staff on Oct 3, 2014

Grooveshark may owe millions to the three major labels as a result of a recent copyright infringement case. The file-sharing hosts millions of songs online available for streaming. Since its launch, the site has gained over 35 million users and has argued that it is legal under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. On Monday, however, the judge ruled the site guilty of uploading 5,977 songs without the permission from labels.

Pandora may owe millions to artists and labels in back royalties. Following the recent win against Sirius XM in a legal battle over the use of pre-1972 recordings, Flo and Eddie of the 1960’s group The Turtles have now launched a new lawsuit with the music streaming giant. The case calls for an amendment to the current copyright law that allows digital broadcasters to not pay out royalties to SoundExchange for the use of pre-1972 recordings. Arguing that Pandora has multiple stations dedicated to pre-1972 recordings, Flo and Eddie are seeking $25 million in the case.

Americans spend 23% of their weekly time listening to music while in the car, according to Nielsen.. After a recent in depth study of U.S. Music Listeners, Neilson Music 360 reported that the vast majority of Americans listen to music over 25 hours each week. They found that most music listening occurs during an activity, the highest being driving and lowest exercising. American’s listen to music over a variety of different platforms, radio being the top with 59% followed by a combination of personal libraries and streaming services. With 7 in 10 Americans now owning a Smartphone, this listening platform is rapidly growing.

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