This Week in Music Publishing: August 9, 2011

Songtrust Staff
Songtrust Staff on Aug 9, 2011
  • Lil Wayne Helps Universal Lock Down Top Four Spots on R&B/Hip-Hop Chart
  • Access Over Ownership? It's Happening in Video
  • Update: Kanye West and Jay-Z's 'Watch the Throne' Projected to Sell 500,000+ in First Week
  • Australia's Live Music Industry Soars With $1.4 Billion in 2010 Ticketing Revenue
  • Business Matters: Dark Monday for Music and Entertainment Stocks
  • Business Matters: Spotify Already Has At Least 1 Million U.S. Users, Source Says
  • Analysis: Diversity, Not Just Digital Sales, Will Save the Recording Industry
  • Berklee and Lollapalooza Partner for Berklee Lollapalooza Endowed Scholarship
  • EMI: High Bids Put Strategic Buyers -- Including Other Majors -- in the Lead
  • Business Matters: The Real Story in Warner Music's Earnings Report: Diversity, Digital Growth
  • Waffle House Claims Trademark Infringement Against Rapper J.R. Bricks' 'Waffle House' Song

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