This Week in Music Publishing: Dec 8, 2011

Jon Ostrow on Dec 8, 2011


ASCAP has announced a seven-year settlement with the Radio Music License Committee (RMLC) regarding the performance royalties that U.S. radio stations pay to publicly perform ASCAP's more than 8.5 million plus musical works.

Through 2016, the settlement will expand the coverage in order to properly accommodate the modern radio industry, which includes website, smartphone and wireless devices that can stream radio and includes a new, more streamlined electronic filing process for better reporting of public performances of musical works.

  • Speaking of reporting royalties, a songwriter has claimed that BMI isn't accurately tracking the use of music on television (Billboard)
  • SoundExchange appoints a new CTO, Scott Day (PR News Wire)
  • Deezer challenges Spotify with worldwide expansion (Digital Spy)
  • Sony ATV CEO reveals plans for EMI Music Publishing (Billboard)
  • The discussion of whether Spotify is or isn't good for the music industry continues (NPR)
  • Harry Fox Agency & SoundExchange team in effort to pay artist and label performance royalties (Music News Nashville)
  • NARM's names first affiliate partners (Billboard)
  • Audiosocket launches music licensing storefront, new indie artist revenue stream (Hypebot)

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