This Week in Music Publishing: June 14, 2011

Ryan Brodhead on Jun 14, 2011
  • Can Spotify and Hulu Move Forward Without Killing The Businesses They Rely On?
  • Cooperative Music Launches in Australia
  • Record Label Responds to Joan Jett Lawsuit
  • Spotify Signs Licensing Deal With Universal Music Group: Report
  • Robin Gibb, CISAC President/Bee Gee on World Copyright Summit, Clouds, Threats to PROs (Q&A)
  • How Lady Gaga's 99-cent 'Born This Way' Sale Hurt Interscope, Distributors
  • Pandora: The money-losing music machine
  • Alicia Keys’ Manager on the Changing Face of Music Business
  • Music Services Agree! Freemium Just Doesn't Pay...

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