This Week in Music Publishing... June 7, 2011

Ryan Brodhead on Jun 7, 2011
  • Apple's iCloud Could Finally Make Music Pirates Pay
  • Music Industry's Blessing Lifts Hopes For iCloud
  • Social Commerce Execs Praise Facebook At Billboard Country Summit
  • Dr. Dre Settles Lawsuit Over 'Chronic' Sales
  • Domino Recordings Launches Pop-Up Internet Radio Station
  • News Corp. Nears MySpace Deal, Report
  • BitTorrent Reconsidered: How the Demonized File Sharing Protocol Can Help Your Band (Legally)
  • Eminem's Publisher's Lawsuit: Audi Responds
  • Imagine: Getting Proper Licenses, and Winning...
  • Apple Has Now Sold 15 Billion iTunes Songs...
  • Indie Labels Set to Dominate Albums Chart

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