This Week in Music Publishing: May 17, 2011

  • NOLA hip-hop explained: 'Treme' music consultant Alison Fensterstock breaks down bounce music
  • Is Apple Launching a New Product This Weekend?
  • Slacker Internet Radio Adds On-Demand Tier
  • U.S. Lays Out International Policies on Cyberspace
  • Business Matters: What the Economist's Analysis of the Warner Acquisition Missed
  • Google Music Beta's Instant Mix Fails 'WTF Test'
  • Cut-Throat! CD Baby Now Poaching Tunecore Artists
  • Logical, Sensible, Impossible? Brits Proposing One-Stop Licensing Exchange
  • Silver lining for Music Fans in Lime Wire case
  • Restrictive Copyright Plays Into Music Industry myths
  • How To Make New Money On Old Pop Songs

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