This Week in Music Publishing: May 24, 2011

  • RIAA Weighs in on Flap Over Executive Salaries
  • French Music Sales Down 5% In Q1; Digital Rises 13%
  • Did Amazon Overstep With Its 99-Cent Lady Gaga Album Promotion?
  • Access Reveals Its Warner Music Acquisition Financing Plan in Statement
  • Apple's Cloud Music hang-up
  • Music Exec Giving $5 Million to N.Y.U. to Expand Music Business Program
  • Warner Music Shareholder Group Attempts To Stop $3.3 Billion Sale
  • Oh Look, The Overall Music Industry In Canada Has Been Growing As Well...
  • BMI Launches ‘Behind The Song’ Video Series
  • Live Nation: The Average Fan Goes to Just 1.5 Shows a Year...
  • Vinyl Projected to Grow More Than 25 Percent In 2011...
  • Despite RIAA, Digital Music Sales Still Growing
  • LimeWire and Major Record Labels Reach Settlement

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