What Are the Worst Lyrical Cliches All Songwriters Should Avoid?

Jon Ostrow on Feb 15, 2012


Valentine's Day has come and gone, but the topic of writing the perfect love songs from earlier in the week brought up a songwriting horror that we'd all like to avoid… Lyrical cliches!

But cliches don't just have the power to ruin love songs. They can ruin any song at any time from anywhere in the world, by becoming laughable and trite rather than genuine and honest.

So lyrical cliches will be this week's Open Mic topic of discussion!

We have started a list below with some of the worst, most common offenders in music history, but we want to hear from you to help us grow this list even bigger - so that this can become the ultimate songwriter's resource guide of lyrical cliches.

Any cliche that you feel is over-played, is dull, can ruin a song, or all of the above is welcome on our list. So please take a look at the list below and add your own 'cliched lyrics' ideas in the form of a comment.

1. Message to all my haters

2. Cold as ice

3. Love is blind

4. Lost without you

5. I saw her walking down the street

6. It's now or never

7. Believe in love

8. Dreams can come true

9. Keep it real

10. I run this town

11. The party never ends (or 'the party don't stop')

12. Cuts like a knife

13. Don't know what to do

14. With or without you

15. I'm down on my knees

Which Lyrical Cliches Do You Think We Should All Avoid?

We would love for each and every one of you to contribute to this list below by adding your own best (or worst!) lyrical cliches that you think we should all avoid when writing songs.

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