Songtrust Uncovers Over $2,000 in Royalties for Indaba Winner

Songtrust Staff
Songtrust Staff on May 2, 2012

When Daniel Snyder submitted his track Ain't That Beautiful to our recent Songtrust / Indaba Songwriter Development Day opportunity, he couldn't have imagined the excitement awaiting him. After hundreds of submissions to Indaba, Daniel's song was judged as the cream of the crop by a panel of expert judges.

The prize was once-in-a-lifetime: flying to New York City to meet industry experts - Justin Kalifowitz (Co-Founder, Songtrust), J.J. Rosen (CEO, Indaba Music) and Jeremy Yohai (Director of Writer Relations, Downtown Music Publishing) - and mix with renowned Downtown Music Studios engineer Zach Hancock (previously worked with Alicia Keys, Mos Def).

As part of the experience, Daniel also joined the Songtrust family. Daniel is an ASCAP member, but had never registered songs with Harry Fox for the collection of mechanical royalties. In his first royalty payments as a Songtrust client, we uncovered over $2,000 in unclaimed royalties from Harry Fox.

Are you missing out on songwriting royalties? We can help!

As an independent songwriter without a publishing company - and in some instances a publishing deal - it's not possible to affiliate with Harry Fox for the collection of mechanicals. Songtrust acts as a publishing administrator for independent songwriters, which gives artists like Daniel the ability to register songs with Harry Fox for the first time.

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