Songtrust Spotlight: Trillary Banks

Hailing from the city of Leicester, female rap artist TRILLARY BANKS has undoubtedly solidified her position within the ever expanding UK music landscape - with over 10 million YouTube views across all her videos, over 150k monthly listeners on Spotify, and over 5 million streams across all DSPs.

After putting in many years of hard work, her breakout single came in the form of 'Come over mi yard', released June 2017. Since then, Trillary Banks has released a string of critically acclaimed singles, accumulating millions of views and streams alike across popular platforms.

Her sound, a fresh and raw blend of rap with dancehall is often referred to as contagious and has catapulted her into the limelight and playlists of listeners nationwide and beyond.

Trillary has featured on watch-lists of various credible publications including Complex, XXL, Fact Magazine and Hot New Hip Hop. She has graced the stage of the major festivals including Wireless, Lovebox and international festivals such as Hype Festival in Germany. Trillary even sold out two headline London shows within 6 months and recently featured on BBC 1xtra's Leicester City Focus.

In April 2019, Trillary Banks released her first full length project entitled 'Vote 4Trillary'. 'Get the strap,' taken from that project, featured on the official Fifa 20 soundtrack.

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Who inspired you to become a musician?

It wasn’t just one person, there were a number of people who inspired me from family/friends where I grew up, to many of the bigger American artists like Lauryn Hill, TLC, Pink, and Lil' Kim. From the UK, the Spice Girls. Regardless, I feel like music was always going to be my path in life and I knew that from a young age.

How would you describe your style of music and performance? How would you describe your philosophy and style as an artist?

Unpredictably hard. Real hot gyal sh*t.

My philosophy is - it’s all God's plan. It’s already written. So relax and enjoy. My style is just TRILL, it’s authentic, it’s however I’m feeling at the time, all different sides of Trillary.

What drives you to create, and how do you define success for yourself in music?

Knowing I have a voice that could make change for women in the world drives me. Success to me is getting to do what you love as a job, being abled to inspire others, and look after my family and friends. 

How do you think the music industry can develop into a more equitable and welcoming space for Black music creators?

I think it’s pretty good at the moment. So it can only get better. Allow people to be themselves and speak their truth. Maybe filter out the nonsense a little more but other than that, all is well. 

Do you have any advice for young Black musicians just starting their careers, based on what you’ve experienced?

My advice is to be yourself and stay true to your beliefs. We are all different beings on different journeys. Enjoy it and study the craft to gain knowledge that can really help you on your music path.

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