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Spotify Launches Songwriter Pages In Beta

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Music fans everywhere are familiar with the biggest names in music. However, it’s interesting to learn that many music fans aren’t as familiar with the most prominent names in songwriting. 

Songwriters are the musical creatives (usually) behind the scenes working with performing artists to write, compose, and arrange the music. Many performing artists are songwriters as well, but in many cases, performing artists of all calibers work with at least one, if not multiple songwriters to create a song.

How Do Songwriter Pages Work? 

When you’re in Spotify, click on the three dots next to a song title. Next, click “show credits,” you’ll then see a “written by” section. Within that section, you’ll see the names of the songwriters who participated in the song’s creation. With this beta launch, songwriter names in that list are now hyperlinked to their new Songwriter Page. By clicking on the writer’s name, you can go to their songwriter page and listen to the songs they’ve worked on.

Since this feature is in beta, not all songwriter pages are built out yet. To request your own songwriter page, you can fill out Spotify’s form, here.

Six Songtrust clients have songwriter pages now available:

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For more information:

Visit Spotify’s blog post about the launch, or their FAQ.

The more we’re able to champion and build visibility for songwriters and their process, the better off the songwriting industry will be. 

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