Spotify Spin vs. Truth Summary

If you’ve been following the news or read our recent article, you’re well aware that the streaming world is experiencing debate over the Copyright Royalty Board’s ruling to increase songwriter rates for interactive streaming. During the review phase, Amazon, Google, Pandora, and Spotify announced they would be appealing the decision.

Receiving much scrutiny for their decision, Spotify then released a blog post attempting to spin why they are fighting against songwriters and trying to reverse the CRB decision which granted songwriters their second meaningful rate increase in history. In response, NMPA’s David Israelite fact checked their blog which we’ve summarized for you here:

What's next? Songtrust joins the NMPA, NSAI, SONA and others who demand Spotify, Google, Pandora and Amazon withdraw their appeal and let the rates stand and songwriters get paid. To learn more and read David’s full blog, click here.

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