Music Publishing News Roundup: Friday April 24, 2015

SreeKonda on Apr 24, 2015

Roger Faxon, a former music publishing executive has joined Pandora’s board of directors at Pandora which not only surprises the NMPA but many others in the music business.  This news is shocking to the general public due to the relationship Pandora has had with the publishing world and songwriters. The hope is that Pandora acquiring an individual from the publishing world will make it change its approach towards the struggles of songwriters.

German music publishers and GEMA, plan to address streaming issues between the services and the rights holders.  They are taking a stance in regards to fair compensation for the creative people in the music industry as they express that it is high time and streaming services need to put a cap on their “gold rush” mentality.

Afrika Bambaataa, “Godfather of Hip-Hop,” has signed with Sony/ATV  for a worldwide publishing deal. This deal includes his current songwriting catalog as well as his future works. Bambaataa expresses that he is very excited to be affiliated with a company such as Sony/ATV and looks forward to the many more possibilities and events the future will bring.

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