Music Publishing News Roundup: Friday, February 12, 2016

Julia Pernicone
Julia Pernicone on Feb 12, 2016


Warner/Chappell has settled their lawsuit challenging its hold on ‘Happy Birthday,’ officially sending it into the public domain. Warner expected to have the song under copyright until 2030, which would have brought in $14-16.5 million in licensing fees for the publisher. Those who have licensed the song while it was under Warner/Chappell’s control have spent an estimated $50 million, and will be receiving a portion of the settlement fund.

Jeep’s ‘4x4ever’ Super Bowl ad was Shazamed 40,000 times, making it the most Shazamed spot of the night. The song, performed by Boys Like Girls bass player and Best of Friends lead singer Morgan Dorr, was commissioned specifically for the ad. Jeep deliberately chose not to use a big name artist for the spot, unlike all of the other music-driven ads of the night, to differentiate itself from its competition as well as reach its millennial target demographic.

Max Martin will become a laureate of the Polar Music Prize this year in Stockholm.  The Swedish native has written on 21 Billboard Hot 100 hits since 1999, and has achieved the third-most Number One singles--behind Paul McCartney and John Lennon.  The honor, given by members of the Stig Anderson Music Award Foundation, music industry representatives, and previous Laureates, will also be awarded to mezzo-soprano singer, Cecilia Bartoli.

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