Music Publishing News Roundup: Friday March 20, 2015

SreeKonda on Mar 20, 2015


The “Blurred Lines” verdict is to award Marvin Gaye’s estate $7.4 million for copyright infringement.  This trial became a very pertinent discussion within the music industry between songwriters, publishers, artists, as well as music attorneys regarding where creative boundaries should be drawn.

The Pandora and BMI trial, after lasting a total of five weeks has finally come to a close two weeks ago on March 13th. The court’s decision would have consequences way beyond just an agreement between digital services and performing rights organizations. Yet to be determined is the length of the Pandora license as so much has been invested in this case.

Kendrick Lamar has broken a Spotify record  with “To Pimp A Butterfly”. Following several leaks, the album was released one week earlier than schedule and hit 9.6 million streams on its 1st day of release. This follows the surprise release of Drake’s “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” which hit 17.3 million in three days.


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