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63rd GRAMMY Nominations: Congratulations, Songtrust Songwriters

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The 63rd GRAMMY Awards are taking place on January 31st, 2021 and the complete list of nominations have been announced. We are thrilled to share that 19 Songtrust songwriters contributed to 14 GRAMMY-nominated works across 11 categories. Collectively, Songtrust had 45 songs across this year's nominations. We're very proud of our songwriters' work and their trust in us to collect their music publishing royalties from around the world, empowering them to maintain autonomy over their careers.

Below is the complete list of nominations, by category, in which a Songtrust songwriter contributed to the work. Songwriters are highlighted in bold.

You can find all works that Songtrust songwriters contributed to by following and listening to our 2021 GRAMMY-Nominated Playlist on Spotify.

Best Dance/Electronic Album

Album: Bubba | Artist: Kaytranada

  • "2 The Music" | Iman Omari

  • "Need It" | Micah Davis

Best Traditional R&B Performance

Artist: Mykal Kilgore

  • "Let Me Go" | Michael Kilgore

Best Rap Album

Album: The Allegory | Artist: Royce Da 5'9" 

  • "Mr. Grace (Intro)" | Emmanuel Johnson

  • "I Don't Age" | Emmanuel Johnson

  • "Pendulum" | Emmanuel Johnson

  • "On The Block" | Marcus Rucker

  • "Ms. Grace (Interlude)" | Marcus Rucker

  • "Thou Shall" | Emmanuel Johnson

  • "Upside Down" | Emmanuel Johnson

  • "Tricked" | Emmanuel Johnson

  • "Black Savage" | Emmanuel Johnson

  • "My People Free" | Emmanuel Johnson

  • "Hero" | Emmanuel Johnson

Best Latin Jazz Album

Album: Tradiciones | Artist: Afro-Peruvian Jazz Orchestra

  • "La Flor de la Canela (feat. Lorenzo Ferrero)" | Lorenzo Ferrero Palaci

  • "Cuadra 11 (feat. Anibal Seminario)" | Anibal Seminario

  • "Madame Bantu (feat. Lorenzo Ferrero)" | Lorenzo Ferrero Palaci

Best Gospel Performance Song

Artist: Ricky Dillard

  • "Release (Live)" | David Frazier

Best Latin Pop or Urban Album

Album: YHLQMDLG | Artist: Bad Bunny

  • "Que Malo" | Edwin Vasquez

  • "Safaera" | Edwin Vasquez

  • "25/8" | Jason Garcia

  • "P FKN R" | Charles Ocansey

Best Reggae Album

Album: Higher Place | Artist: Skip Marley

  • "That's Not True (feat. Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley)" | William Larsen

Album: It All Comes Back to Love | Artist: Maxi Priest

  • "It's A Summer Vibe" | Che Elliott

Best Global Music Album

Album: Twice As Tall | Artist: Burna Boy

  • "Bebo" | Chisom Ezeh

  • "Comma" | Chisom Ezeh

Best Musical Theater Album

Album: Soft Power | Artist: Original Cast

  • "Overture" | David Hwang

  • "Dutiful" | David Hwang

  • "Welcome to America [Explicit]" | David Hwang

  • "Fuxing Park" | David Hwang

  • "I'm With Her" | David Hwang

  • "It Just Takes Time" | David Hwang

  • "Election Night" | David Hwang

  • "I Am" | David Hwang

  • "Entr'acte / Song of the Champion" | David Hwang

  • "Happy Enough" | David Hwang

  • "Good Guy with A Gun" | David Hwang

  • "The New Silk Road" | David Hwang

  • "Democracy" | David Hwang

  • "Democracy (Reprise)" | David Hwang

Best Recording Package

Artist: Lil Wayne

  • "Funeral" | Darius Ginn

Artist: Caspian

  • "On Circles" | Caspian

Artist: Desert Sessions

  • "Vols. 11 & 12" | Elisabeth Mclaughlin

Best Remixed Recording

Artist: Morgan Page

  • "Imaginary Friends" | Gregory Reveret

Congratulations, Songtrust songwriters - we look forward to more of our songwriters contributing to GRAMMY-nominated works in years to come. To listen to all the works that contributed to a GRAMMY nomination, follow and listen to our playlist below.

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