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Introducing Access: A New Multi-User Account Feature

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At Songtrust, our mission is to connect songwriters, bands, producers, and all the people that work with them to the publishing royalties they are earning around the world. We believe fiercely in reducing the barriers that inhibit this access, and in building tools that make the management of these rights as user-friendly and easy-to-use as possible.

About a year ago, as our client base was growing and we began to work with more and more representatives of songwriters (managers, lawyers, business managers, and labels), a limitation of our existing tools became more apparent - the accessibility in one account for multiple users. Our online dashboard was fairly simple to use and made sense for an individual, but once there was a business or organization managing the repertoire, we realized how important flexibility and access were for clients managing multiple songwriters. We wanted to add multi-user access at different levels of visibility to better reflect the way creators and their teams really work.

What Is Access?

Access is a feature on Songtrust’s online dashboard that allows one account to be shared or “accessed” across multiple user accounts.

What Does That Mean For Me?

It means that you can invite a person via email to join Songtrust and specify which songwriters they can view or have full access to their account. If the invited person is already a Songtrust client their existing account will be granted access to that writer’s account. 

For example:


    • Can invite their manager, lawyer or business manager to view or edit their information

Managers, lawyers, or publishers
    • Can house all their songwriters under one account, create independent accounts and logins for each songwriter, and invite them to view or edit information that only pertains to the individual writer

    • Members can have individual accounts and also have a collective band account that brings them together into one place

    • Individual band members can receive separate payments for their shares directly, as well as register works they may write outside of the band, but also have a collective band account to manage band works in one place.

What Kind of Access Do I Get?

Read-Only: Allow others to see

  • Songwriter information

  • Royalty report

  • Songs and split information

Full Access: View and edit

  • Songwriter information

  • Royalty report

  • Songs and split information

  • Add or remove songs

Songtrust is committed to constantly improving our product, tools, and service to empower our clients to manage their careers with as much independence and control as possible. Access is the first of many features we hope to introduce that better meets the needs of the modern music publishing landscape. Learn more about the Songtrust dashboard at


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