Modern Publishing Fact: Collective Management Organization

What is a CMO 19201080

Collective Management Organization (CMO): An international organization that operates similarly to Performing Rights Organizations (PROs) in North America in that they register, track, and collect royalties earned, and pay out the writer's share of performance royalties to rights owners. Some will also collect mechanical royalties earned. Each society's terms and restrictions differ by territory.


You are a songwriter in the United Kingdom and regularly write and perform cover songs in pubs across the UK. You're also about to release your first album soon, which you also plan to perform live. To make sure your set lists and the new songs on your upcoming album are being tracked so you can collect royalties off them, you need to affiliate your songs with a collective management organization (CMO). In the UK, that organization is called PRS/MCPS. Because their purpose is to organize copyrights and pay the owners royalties when they are due, and since you expect your songs to be used more and more, you should become a member of PRS/MCPS.

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