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Songtrust Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary With Over 3MM Songs and 350K Songwriters

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Songtrust's Collections Network Increases to 215 Countries, Covering More Than 98% of the Global Music Market

After tremendous 2020 growth under the leadership of President Molly Neuman, Songtrust now represents more than 3 million songs and 350,000 songwriters. The royalties Songtrust paid to its clients grew by more than 185% annually from 2019 to 2020 as chart-topping songwriters/producers, powerhouse music companies, and emerging music creators joined Songtrust to collect their publishing earnings.

Songtrust was founded in 2011 with the mission to create a more equitable music ecosystem, and provide all creators with open access to collect their global publishing revenue. Fast forward to 2021, the company’s 10th anniversary, and the music landscape looks very different than it did in 2011 -- creator independence has reached unprecedented heights with DIY artists releasing 9.5 million tracks in 2020, eight times the amount that major labels released. Additionally, there are now more than 60,000 songs uploaded to Spotify per day, up 50% from 40,000 per day in 2019. 

With music consumption growing by 22.6% year-over-year during the first six months of 2020 compared to the same timeframe in 2019, it is ever more essential that all music creators, companies, and rights holders are able to access and collect as much of their global publishing revenues as possible. Songtrust has expanded its global royalty collection network to 215 countries, covering 98.3% of the global music market, in order to ensure its clients are collecting as much of their publishing revenue as possible. 

“Each day at Songtrust, we hear first-hand from clients and prospects who want to build and sustain their music careers and businesses at a global level,” said Neuman, who has championed independent music creators throughout her career, beginning as a songwriter herself.

“In order to serve the future of music and build a more healthy and sustainable music industry, we are committed to educating creators every day, providing accessible and global services to all, and continuously improving our standard of work and clarity in communication.”

From Drake and *NSYNC, to SZA and Bad Bunny, Songtrust’s songwriters write records for global performing artists whose music spans generations. In 2020, Songtrust welcomed new clients Porter Robinson, Andrew WK, Bankrol Hayden, Shari Short, New Found Glory, Peter Frampton, Maggie Lindemann, Pete Rock, and more. Songtrust’s songwriters continued to shape contemporary music culture:

  • Billboard Hot 100: Songtrust songwriters wrote for more than 50% of the artists on the 2020 Billboard Year-End Hot 100 Artists List.

  • 2020 NMPA Certifications: 40, up 344% from 2019.

  • 63rd GRAMMY Nominations: 14, up 133% from the 62nd GRAMMYs.

  • Spotify Playlists: Songtrust collects royalties for songs that can be found on more than 45% of Spotify Official Playlists.

Music companies ranging from publishers and labels, to distributors and full-stack artist service firms joined Songtrust in 2020 including Secretly Publishing, Mexican Summer, Cold Chillin, and Space Yacht. Songtrust also onboarded clients Highvibes, EMDC Network, and Onima from emerging music markets like Africa and Eastern Europe to provide the region with music publishing infrastructure.


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