Songtrust Spotlight: DaVinChe

Producer and recording artist DaVinChe has a career glittered with impressive collaborations with the likes of Ghetts, Giggs, Kano, Wretch 32, Bugzy & Young T, Stormzy, Cleo Sol, Kele (Bloc Party), Jess Glynne, JME, Skepta, Artful Dodger, and many others.

Best known for his groundbreaking R&G and grime production, his new project "Carbon Hearts And Dying" is a guitar-led EP that elegantly and boldly carves a new path with thoughtful lyrics and rock, soul, pop, folk, and hip hop influences.

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What or who inspired you to get into music?

That's a difficult question but I’ve had a natural aptitude for music since a child. The way my parents tell [exaggerate] it, I was playing the piano by ear straight out of the womb, so it seems like it’s always been almost a foregone conclusion this is what I’d do. 

How would you describe your style of music and performance?

I try not to! Haha. It’s a mix of all my influences, with a heavy emphasis on British culture, though I’ve always had a small flame for the sophistication of American record production which I try to include from a quality control standpoint. 

How would you describe your philosophy and style as an artist?

I really want to look back over my catalog from my time as a producer and artist, and be proud of my work. I want to be able to play a song I made 10 years ago and not feel like it’s dated stylistically. 

So I avoid trends and try to stick to the classics. Strong songs first, then music to compliment.

What drives you to create, and how do you define success for yourself in music?

I think we all go through bouts of more and less creativity. I try not to force it when it’s not there and explore some of my other passions - most recently video production, shooting, lighting, editing, grading, etc. 

After doing something different, I always find my inspiration returns. And I think that is success -- the freedom this career has afforded me. The freedom to create art every day isn’t a blessing I take lightly. 

Throughout your career, who has helped you the most in getting to where you want to be - and how did they help?

So many people. I don’t think we generally acknowledge how much of a village it really takes to make a successful career. 

Everyone who has worked alongside me, given me feedback, and therefore indirectly helped my confidence, and everyone who’s challenged me which indirectly helped me grow, I feel like they are all helped. 

Sometimes being in this business can be really overwhelming. Do you have any tips for maintaining perspective and composure?

Yeah! It really can. Especially today when an artist is expected to be a web designer, copywriter, social media star, photographer and editor, producer, writer, and singer -- just to release records independently. 

I think my only real advice is, avoid doing everything yourself, focus on key relationships with humans who are extremely skilled in their field, and exchange skills with them. Takes most of the stress away. 

How would you explain what “grime” is and why were you drawn to this style of music and community? 

It started as Black British culture in its infancy, exploring the themes of their own perspective on society and daily life, instead of copying American hip-hop for the first time. Until then, rappers had mostly dressed like Americans and used American accents (with a few notable exceptions). Grime was a more street derivative of UK Jungle and Garage MC culture. 

Gritty, honest, raw music, from musically gifted kids with something to say about our lives in our own accent, dressing in our own unique way, and expressing our own emerging culture -- that's my draw to it. 

What advice do you have for artists who are just starting out?

Focus on making music you are extremely proud of. Make it honest and share your truth with us as listeners. 

You’ll find a tribe of people who love what you do and in time that small fanbase will grow to become the foundation of a great career. 

What's next for you in 2021 and beyond?

I’ve begun my journey as a recording artist. 

"Carbon Hearts And Dying" is my first EP (Available on all streaming platforms NOW) and there’s an accompanying short film I wrote and directed called B4U on YouTube. 

I’ve been writing loads all year and I’m just gearing up for all the releases I have planned for this artist project. Go listen and watch, and most importantly - SHARE! 



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