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Songtrust Spotlight: Kato

Chantelle St. Clair
Chantelle St. Clair on Sep 19, 2018

Atlanta-based producer Chris" Kato On The Track" Ju CHRIS "KATO ON THE TRACK" JU is a Record Producer/Entrepreneur based out of Atlanta, GA. Kato was formerly signed to independent label, Funk Volume, and has Produced for Artists like Jarren Benton, B.o.B, Wu-Tang, Hopsin, Tory Lanez, Joyner Lucas, Dizzy Wright, Trouble, K Camp, Futuristic, Token and many more. He’s also the co-founder of an online music education and networking platform called Music Entrepreneur Club.

When did you produce your first song and what inspired you to write/produce it?

I started out writing my own music in High School. Back then, I wasn’t making beats, I was just writing songs on an acoustic guitar and attempting to sing because my girlfriend at the time thought it was cute. It’s embarrassing to admit, because they all probably sounded horrible. It wasn’t until college that I started to make beats and rap on them myself because I didn’t know any rappers at the time. I think I still have some of those recordings but they’ll stay buried on my hard drive forever. It’s always just been something I do because I love music.

What’s your favorite genre to produce, and why?

I’ve gotten pretty good at producing hip-hop and R&B music - that’s where I started. Because of that, I think it’ll always be my first love but I would love to start collaborating with Artists from other genres and evolving my sound.

Did you always want to be a producer, and what’s the most rewarding part of that community?

I didn’t get into music thinking I’d actually be able to do it full time as a career. It was always kind of a pipe dream that was never really encouraged by Asian parents growing up, and that’s probably why I didn’t think it was realistic. That’s why it took me moving out and going off to college to actually get serious about pursuing it. But now that I’ve made it my career, I’m glad I took the leap because I get to work with other creative people and make sh*t. Also, having flexibility with my time and setting my own schedule is also pretty amazing. There’s no better feeling.

What musicians did you admire growing up or early on in your career?

I appreciated so many different kinds of music growing up. Everything from The Beatles to Dr. Dre and Eminem. The Roots played a big role in my sound when I first started Producing too. There were so many influences in my career and continue to be.

What was the moment you attribute to your first success?

Looking back, getting signed to Funk Volume was huge for me. I’m not sure I realized it at the time, but they were probably one of the top 3 biggest independent labels in the country for hip-hop at one point. Getting to be a part of that movement and meeting so many fans changed my entire perspective on what I do.

How do you think songwriters/producers have changed in the last decade?

I think Producers have come out of the shadows of the industry. We used to be behind the scenes, and rarely talked about when mentioning Artists or songs. Now, a lot of Producers have become Artists themselves and we’ve been afforded so many more opportunities because of that.

You just came off the first leg of your tour, how do you balance your tour life?

Touring and having a normal life is impossible. It’s one of the reasons I stopped touring with my Artist, Jarren, for the past 5 years. I needed to focus on getting my personal life and businesses together. I think I’m able to handle a lot of the touring bullsh*t better now because I’m more experienced and mature now. But it’s definitely still a struggle sometimes.

How do you determine when and where you’ll tour?

We have booking agents that route our tours, but I always like to ask fans on social media where they live. It gives ME a better idea of where my audience is at and I do plan on traveling the country for my mentorship seminars, and more speaking engagements in the near future too. Engaging with my audience via social media, email and even Spotify is a big part of that.

How do you find artists to work with/songs to produce?

I find talent wherever I can. It’s easy these days and there’s no shortage of applicants because of social media! Sometimes, the artists find me first. It’s the advantage of being more visible. Some of my biggest discoveries have approached me first because I actively engage with that community on social media.

We heard you executive produced an album with Jarren Benton on Roc Nation - pretty exciting - what other new projects do you have planned for 2018?

I stopped discussing projects before they happen. I like to just drop new music and when you hear about it is when everyone else hears about it. Release dates and building anticipation is overrated! The NOW is what’s exciting.

Where do you see the music industry 10 years from now?

I also stopped trying to anticipate where the music industry is headed because I realized that I have no f*cking clue! The best I can do is just learn how to adapt. I’ve spent the last few years on trying to get really good at that.

Any final words you’d love new and aspiring producers, songwriters or musicians to think about as they’re beginning their career?

Make as much music as you possibly can within the first 5 years of your career. Learn the business and understand that you’re an Entrepreneur that just so happens to make music. As long as you remember that, you’ll figure out a way to become successful.

Lastly - what is your favorite song right now?

My favorite song right now is “Trip To The Clouds” by Evans Desir. AMAZING song...I also produced it :)

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JAMIE FRANZESE'S aspirations to become a rock-star died ten years ago; he then realized the next best thing to do was to help musicians get paid for their craft; accurately & efficiently. He's been with Downtown since 2012 doing just that and looks forward to continuing to provide unparalleled services to our clients.

ANNA MICELI born in New York, but raised on the road, spent most of her early years on tour with her family, thus sparking her affection for music. She attended the College of Saint Rose and studied Music Industry, where she cofounded Rose Record Label and SMAN Music Publishing. As a fellow songwriter, Anna is proud to have been one of the first few royalty members for Songtrust. She currently helps manage the ever-growing royalty department.

SAMANTHA SHANK recently graduated with her MBA in Music Business where she developed a deep interest in music publishing and the massive business surrounding the song. After learning about Songtrust’s aim to make the complex music publishing accessible to all writers, she knew she wanted to work there. Today, Samantha works hard every day as part of the Royalties team to make sure Songtrust is collecting every last penny out there for their writers.

NIKKI BROWN studied Undergrad at Syracuse University, where she majored in I.T and minored in Music Industry. She wanted a career at a place that bridged the gap between tech and the music industry, which is what brought her to working in Royalties at Songtrust.

STEVE GUIGLIANO graduated from the State University of New York at New Paltz with a degree in Digital Media Production and has written and performed music most of his life as a guitarist. His love for music compelled him to find a career within the music industry and now is a member of the Royalties team at Songtrust as a Coordinator. 

MACKINGOSH ZUMARRAGA found his love for music through playing the piano and singing since the age of four. This passion prevailed throughout his school years and after graduating from Pace University with a degree in Arts and Entertainment Management, he decided to pursue a career in music publishing. With his experience in royalties, he aspires to help music creators develop not just artistically, but also financially, to provide them a better opportunity to impact the world. 

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NEXGEN MUSIC is a worldwide independent record label group recognized for its pioneering sound representing underground and cross-mainstream music. Converging from countries across the globe, NexGen artists, composers and musicians showcase their talent of creating music that "pushes the envelope."

Through their various imprints the label showcases a wide range of musical genres and styles such as: Downtempo, Chill-Out, Nu/Future-Jazz, Drum & Bass, Bass Music, Dubstep, UK Garage, House, Electronica (EDM), Trap, Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop, Soul, Funk, Leftfield, Experimental, Dance, Pop and more.

NEXGEN MUSIC is an artist-centric brand devoted to creating a forward-looking, inclusive and multifaceted musical community. They foster a philosophy of artistic growth, collaboration and experimentation, uniting promising new talent with established music production artists.

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Songtrust Spotlight: Client Acquisition Team

CJ OLIVIERI manages the Client Acquisition Team throughout New York, Atlanta and Nashville. His team focuses on identifying rights owners in need of global publishing administrative services and transitioning them onto the Songtrust platform. CJ is also tasked with providing tools and education to prospects to help them better understand the music publishing landscape and learn how to further take control over their own publishing. 

NOELLE GAMBUTI graduated from Pace University with a degree in Arts and Entertainment Management and fell in love with music during her many years of dance training. She always knew she wanted to have a career in the music industry and now focuses on educating Songtrust clients on music publishing and why it is so important to maintain the rights to their music.

ELIZABETH MCBRIDE is a Publishing Specialist at Songtrust. With a degree in Music Industry Studies from Loyola University Orleans, the publishing world has become her centrifuge for understanding how songs get from creation to transaction data. After witnessing widespread inequality for songwriters, Elizabeth now shares Songtrust’s mission to create better harmony for performing rights and royalty models, and improve publishing literacy as a whole.

LORENZO COOK is the northeast representative for the Client Acquisition team at Songtrust in New York. As a musician with a background in A&R and a degree from the Bandier Program at Syracuse University, Lorenzo was one of the first employees to test out Songtrust’s outreach program, directly dealing with artists and managers on a daily basis.

CARLI GONDERINGER represents the CAT team in Nashville, TN. After spending a semester in college interning with DMP Nashville, Carli joined Songtrust in September of this year. She grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but has called Nashville home for the past four years. Studying music business and interning with a variety of companies has provided a deep insight into the independent, genre-bending music scene in need of publishing.

BRE HARPER, from Memphis, TN, is a young music professional making strides in the Atlanta music scene. After receiving her bachelors in Music Business, Bre joined the Songtrust Client Acquisition team in September. She prides herself on being an advocate for independent artists and helping them navigate through the industry.

Nov 28, 2018