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How to Collect Publishing Royalties With Split Sheets

Musicians, producers, artists, songwriters, composers, and everyone involved in music creation have the opportunity to own a portion of the rights to their songs and collect publishing royalties. To ensure you are participating in the songwriting ownership for your songs, make sure everyone agrees on splits and signs a split sheet.

Start by opening our split sheet template

A split sheet establishes who owns what percentages of a composition — or the publishing rights — in writing. (The ownership of the recording is a different matter.) 

Songwriting splits can be negotiated by any party involved with a song, including co-writers, producers, and band members. If you are the only writer, you automatically own 100% of the copyright.

Deciding who gets what percentage of a song is completely negotiable between writers. Sometimes co-writers will split works evenly regardless of who wrote which part(s) of the song. Other times they’ll assign percentages based on each individual’s proportionate contribution to the final product.  Either way, it’s best to get splits in writing as soon as you’ve finished a song, as negotiations may get messy the longer you wait.

As a song is released and used around the world you — the owner of your copyright(s) — are owed publishing royalties. Having a percentage of publishing ownership can be a great source of recurring revenue.

Please note: If you include a sample of someone else’s composition in your work, you are expected to clear it with whoever owns both the recording and the composition. You can offer that person or organization a percentage of the publishing, negotiate a fee, or simply acquire permission to use that sample.

Be sure to register your song splits with a publishing administrator like Songtrust once you are ready to release your music and start collecting publishing royalties.



Collaborating on a song? Use this split sheet to document your agreed upon songwriting splits so everyone can earn their share of royalties.

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