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Overcoming Songwriter's Block

Songtrust Staff
Songtrust Staff on Aug 7, 2018

Even if songwriting is your passion, writer’s block can still happen or you find yourself stumped on what to write about next. It can be the most frustrating thing being unable to create new songs because you're unable to think of new ideas, stuck on the same idea, or unable to move forward with one you've already started - we totally get it. Here are just five different methods you can try to break through your writer’s block:

Get Out

Go exploring around your city and take in the surroundings! Songwriters can gain a lot of inspiration from their own communities and it’s a great way to work your brain muscles, so get to people-watching!

Take a break

Sometimes your mind just needs a rest. Read a book, watch a TV show, or spend some time with friends and then go back to writing.

Get Inspiration

Listen to your favorite musician/artist for inspiration! Sometimes a song can inspire a great idea or remind you of a time that you could write about. Don’t plagiarize or steal their melody, of course, but let your idols help you get your creative juices back!

Ask a friend

Sometimes we all just need a little help from our friends. Reach out to your close friends or musician community to collaborate or ask them to give you feedback, or even brainstorm ideas. Don’t forget to record any splits on your collaborations!

Try writing prompts

Writers and authors often use this technique to get out the muddled ideas in their heads in order to get to the more creative, workable topics. Writing prompts are ideas for short stories that you can write about - whether true or not - and can help to spark imagination for your next big hit.

Many of us at Songtrust are songwriters, musicians, and artists as well, and know the struggle of writer’s block - and want to help. We’ve collected various writing prompts from our entire team and consolidated them here to help our songwriter community strategize, inspire, and motivate themselves into their next song. These may not be what your next single is actually all about, but we hope that these will help you get your ideas out and onto the page. Use these to push past that ‘wall’ into a more creative and imaginative space to write your next song.

A Songtrust writing prompt example!A Songtrust writing prompt example!

Remember, above all else, don’t get frustrated if you can’t think of what to write about, instead find other solutions to your solve this obstacle. Use the button below to download the Songtrust Writing Prompts and get back to songwriting!

Download Writing Prompts

Best of luck on your songwriting! To make sure all your new songs are properly registered and affiliated with your PRO/CMO, and you’re collecting all your global publishing royalties, register with Songtrust today!

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