Nick Bitzenis a.k.a. "Nikonn" is a London based music producer, artist, songwriter, DJ, and owner of UNDO Records (UK). Nikonn is involved in many music projects, productions, and remixes. He did the production, recordings, mixing and mastering on all the official releases of the female duo project “Marsheaux”, and Rusty Egan’s debut album and many artists as “Fuzz” from L.A., “Miss D” from Portugal, “Eriqua” and “Bota” from UK.

Nikonn is involved as a songwriter, producer, performer, vocalist on the following projects: Nikonn (solo downtempo electronic project), Nick Rezo (solo dreampop project with guest vocalists) Lookla (duo indie pop project), Barakounta (Alternative hiphop, Trap duo project) Kilimantzaro (Dance,Techno project), 2Hot4November (duo drum n bass project) Destabilizer (EDM electronic project), Mikro (four members electronica band), Fotonovela (duo synth pop project), Rockets In A Coma (duo indie electronica project). Under his solo project, Nikonn has released four very successful albums and several singles. The music style has a big range, from chillout electronic atmospheres to electronic dance music. The track "Sunday" from his debut album "Poladroid" was featured in the famous and worldwide broadcasted TV series "CSI:Miami" (season6, episode4). Nikonn's tracks have also been included in many compilations ("Sunday" and "Fragile" in "BUDDHA Bar IX" and "Huvafen Fushi Maldives", compiled by DJ Ravin and many others).



What is the origin story behind Nikonn?

Nikonn is my first solo project. The project formed in 2004 in order to release my first chillout and cinematic songs. That’s how the first Nikonn album “Poladroid” came up. The album had great and unexpected feedback that made “Nikonn” my main project. The usage of the track “Sunday” on CSI: Miami gave a great push to Nikonn’s publicity. Three more albums and several singles were released since then.

What creators do you admire and how have they shaped your music today?

Brian Eno and Moby were my major influences in the beginning. Artists as Ryuichi Sakamoto, Ennio Morricone, and Danny Elfman were also big influences to my music. But considering that Nikonn’s music is a blend of soundtrack landscapes with electronic chillout and dance beats, an artists like M83, Orbital, Chemical Brothers, Royksopp, Air, Boards of Canada and Sigur Ros are also big influences. And of course, my influences change all the time.

What inspired you to get into music and produce your first song?

Back in the days when I was a child, I heard Kraftwerk’s song “The Robots”.

The impression was so strong that I decided to try to create music like that. Of course, as time passed my perspective changed and the spectrum of creation became wider.

Where do you do your best producing?

The place is not the case. Today with the advantage of technology you can create music wherever you want. It’s all about imagination and inspiration. Of course, I prefer my home studio where I feel comfortable and away from any distractions but sometimes I can create diamonds sitting at a Starbucks with my laptop and my headphones.

How has your heritage influenced your decision when producing/composing new songs and/or decisions in your career?

I don’t feel that I have any heritage. I feel like I’m a newcomer without any connection with the past, free of any heritage or traditions. Though I’m Greek and knowing that Greece has a strong cultural heritage, I never had strong connections with this heritage, especially when it came to music. I had always felt that I’m more global than a local citizen. That’s why I decided to move from Greece to London.

What excites you most about electronic music and creating music in this genre?

The fact that in electronic music there’s no rules and the canvas of the elements and instruments is endless. Your imagination is the top. There are no limits besides your own self.

What advice do you have for up-and-coming producers who are trying to make it in the industry?

The magic words, especially nowadays, are persistence, patience, and consistency to your vision. Don’t play by the rules. Be yourself and create what you like and not what you think will be liked. Think out of the box and don’t follow the hypes. Be unique. At least try to be.

What are your goals for the next few years - personal or professional?

More music, more releases, more lives, more DJ sets. At the moment beside the Nikonn project, I have 4 more projects that I am working on it (LookLA, Barakounta, Nick Rezo, Kilimantzaro). My goal is to have the health and the ability to do what I love to do: making music. Anything else is welcome but not my goal.

Lastly - what is your go-to song to listen to right now? 

“Now or never” by LookLA  ;)

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