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What is “Sync”?

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Have you heard the term “sync” or “synchronization” before, but asked yourself “What is music sync”? At a basic level, granting a sync and recording license allows a third party to use the copyright and sound recording of a musical work alongside visual media like TV shows, films, ads, trailers, and video games.

Sync licensing can be a significant creative and financial driver for artists, composers, and producers. Sync placements are also an art form, in and of themselves — a way of adding a memorable layer to a story while providing a significant revenue stream for creators. 

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when you start to consider sync for your songs…

What Type of Sync Placements Can Your Song Be Considered For?

As we explain in this detailed breakdown, sync placements include video games, movies, trailers, and television shows. Meanwhile, types of uses range from main titles and end credits to background music and on-screen performances.  

How Do You Find Sync Deals on Your Own?

The question of how to get a sync deal isn’t as simple as putting your songs on Spotify and hoping someone will notice. It’s more about building and maintaining relationships, as well as pitching your work to as many potential sync licensing partners as possible. 

After all, sync deals can be an instrumental part of growing your organic fan base — the people who will consistently stream your music and come to your shows. They allow your music to take on a whole new meaning and creative purpose, and they provide a revenue stream that you can invest back into your career. 

However, know your value! Do not give your music away for free. For newer artists, you will have to take risks as there will be opportunities with lower fees that can help provide a foundation for your career. But do not shy away from negotiating. If the music is truly meaningful to the production, a deal can probably be struck that is beneficial for both sides. 

Just be prepared when you’re figuring out when you should consider sync. It’ll go a long way towards ensuring you’re making the right decisions, creatively and commercially. And, if you’re looking for a deep dive into the world of sync, check out Songtrust’s free, on-demand Sync Crash Course to learn more.

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